Hello world!

Hi everyone, first blog post today! Yay. Well August is here and spring is in the air. Get on to www.desirefitness.co.nz and sign-up for my newsletter if you haven’t already. I will be e-mailing out some awsome content this month through the newsletter, with information that really works for losing fat and getting in shape, and also on this blog so keep checking back. With spring coming I will have several programmes coming up so if you think you want to get starting on your spring-shape-up goals make sure you keep hooked in with me!

Zumba is going great, thanks to all my lovely class participents, I love you guys! You bring so much energy and fun to the classes, I really appreciate the committment you give to my classes.

You can have a look-see at the august newsletter here which is all about why having excess fat is not you fault, but it is your responsiblity. What do you think about the newsletter? Comment here and let me know!

Will speak to you again soon!

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